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Naturopathic Medicine vs Allopathic Medicine

4 months ago Post By : RKC


Naturopathic medicine and Allopathic  medicine both medicines are used in our daily life and both medicine have it’s own benefits both are here to heal the pain and cure our disease. Both medicine are equally nessessary in our life naturopathic medicine and allopathic medicine both are highly used some people prefer naturopathy medicine for long term healh and some prefer allopathic medicine for immidiate use. Some defination and benifits of Naturopathic and allopathic medicine are given below.


Naturopathic Medicine

 The meaning of naturopathic means “natural”.  Which mean that medicine which is made up of using different natural herbs found  in our nature, it’s main motto is “self-healing”. Naturopathy believes  and has proved that due to natural therapy and natural medicines many disease are cured. People have gained there self-confidence  and are able to build up the self -healing stamina inside the  body. In other word we can say that naturopathic medicine helps us to regain our self -confident and regenerate our immune power naturally. Naturopathy treats patients by giving natural therapies such as acupuncture, massage, nutrition, homeopathy and lifestyle counseling to help the body heal naturally and stay well. 

Benefits of Naturopathic Medicine


  • Naturopathic medicine is made up using natural ingredient found in nature
  • Therapy, Oil massage, acupuncture are some of its known method of healing
  • It focus on natural healing
  • It regenerate the immune power in the body
  • It increase the stamina inside the body
  • No side effect
  • Best option for the people who is using long term medication
  • Years and years research is needed to make this medicine
  • Group of qualified team of naturopathist are involved in this medication.


Allopathic Medicine

Allopathic medicine is that, which we normally use in hospitals or in our daily life. It is mostly used in our daily life, people are facing many problems regarding their health so people use this medicine for fast recovery . It is made up of different scientific  research, scientist take years and years  in research so that they can cure the disease, but it makes people addict towards consuming antibiotics and make body depend on such medicines which decreases the stamina and self- healing  process of our body.

Benefits Of Allopathic Medicine

  • Fast healing
  • Used for immediate action
  • Used by most of the people
  • Prescribed by  allopathic professionals



In some cases allopathic is very necessary for example, a man had an accident and need immediate mediation than allopathic medicine is used there for immediate  cure of  pain,  but if you are taking long term treatment and are aware of your health then  you need naturopathic medication. Naturopathic  doctor examine what your body is exactly losing and find the remedies to  heal naturally. Naturopathy increase the immune system with herbs, vitamins and minerals but  if you want to become healthy and want to  regenerate the immune power and be healthy as before than naturopathic medicine is the best option. Here are many allopathic hospitals in Nepal hospitals like Bir hospital, Grandee international hospital , Civil hospital , Bhaktapur cancer hospital e.t.c.  And naturopathic hospitals like Wellness hospital private limited, nature care hospital,  Mokshya ayurvedic  & Panchakarma central Nepal  are the best hospitals for naturopathic medicine. Therefore,  for  healthy body with healthy mind and soul which medication will you choose the choice is yours.


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